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About Sage Health Care Administrators Ltd

Sage Healthcare Administrators Limited was founded in 2007 with the aim of providing individualised solutions to the health industry. Over the years, we have built an organisation with highly qualified staff backed by up-to-date technology that ensures we offer world class service.

As healthcare administrators, we do not deal directly with medical patients’ day-to-day needs but are responsible for facilities, services, programs and other management functions. Our solutions and insights assist medical care provides to improve profitability whilst they maintain their focus on patient care. Our services assist in medical billing, coding, collection and hospital revenue performance which help strengthen the financial health and profitability of an organization without adding to the bottom line. Build efficiency and capacity for health care providers and health insurers to enable them deliver affordable, quality healthcare.

“Passion, ideas & team work”

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We serve our customers with heartfelt enthusiasm and are committed to actively meeting their needs.;


Our customers budgets are top of mind in all services we offer as we ensure we they achieve their ROI.;


We seek to provide the best solutions in the market from all corners of the globe. and


We deliver maximum productivity with minimal expenditure of our client’s resources.

Message from the Executive Director

"Passion, ideas & team work”

As a firm that provides end to end administrative solutions and critical insights to healthcare providers and being on the forefront of project planning, medical equipment procurement on the African continent today, we are set to forge new frontiers in individualized total solutions to new and existing healthcare provi...

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