AFYASEND is a web-based platform that aims to connect those who seek health care to a wide range of health care providers.

The platform presents a network of private sector health care providers who are willing to offer negotiated health care packages at agreed prices thereby ensuring predictability in health care costs. The packages of services are tailored to each provider and can be purchased online by anyone for themselves or for relatives, friends and others in need.

AFYASEND is not a health insurance. It is simply a transactional platform that creates an opportunity for anyone in any part of the world to buy health care for others living in the country where AFYASEND has established a network of providers.

This innovation has been guided by the realization that in most countries where there is little or no health insurance, an out-of- pocket mode of payment for health care services remains the dominant method of payment for health care especially from the private sector.

The development of AFYASEND has further been motivated by the expansion and penetration of information technology and connectivity even in poor Sub-Saharan African countries.